Mixture ( Materials ) : 100% Anti-Pilling Acrylic
Weight of Ball : 200gr-3.5oz
Length of Ball : 330mt-361yards
Needle Size : 5mm-US8
Crochet Size : 5.5mm-US I-9
Tickness : 4 Medium
Product Content : Knit: 10x10 cm measure 24 rows 18 stitches. / Crochet: 10x10cm measure 15 rows 12 stitches.
Season : Autumn-Winter
Possible Projects : Men's, women's cardigans, sweaters, shawls, home textiles, scarves, scarfs
Stitch Info : %100 Anti-Pilling Acrylic

There is less pubescence in the products you knit.

Your products are more resistant to pile hairiness during clothing and washing.

Because of it is more durable than other acrylic fibers, there is less wear occurs on your products.

This ensures that your product remains always new.

Anti-Pilling fiber belongs to Everyday brand in Turkey and the world.


Acrylic fiber is widely used for textiles of all kinds: clothing, upholstery, carpets, and of course yarn. Acrylic is strong, lightweight, warm, soft, and resilient making it the yarn of choice for many.

But acrylic has a tendency to form pills – those hard little balls of tangled fibers on the surface of a fabric that make your clothes look worn way too soon. The same fine surface fibers that give the fabric its soft feel clump together and become enmeshed. Pilling is most likely in the areas of a garment that are subject to friction, like sleeve cuffs or under the arms.This fiber is specially formulated to resist pilling over time. If and when pills do form, they are removed through the simple process of machine washing your sweater or other project. No picking, no shaving - just toss it in the wash! Sweaters and blankets made with anti-pilling acrylic come out of the laundry looking fresh and new, time after time.

Our anti-pilling yarns resist pilling up to  350 washes with minimal shedding. Your projects look as good as new time after time - no matter how many washes. 


Our Company is not responsible for typographical errors that may occur in our products and models. The actual yarn color may differ from the color seen on the screen.





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